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CenteringPregnancy® Program Sees Success on Peoria’s South Side

In an effort of true collaboration, the Peoria City/ County Health Department and the University of Illinois College of Medicine Peoria, Department of Family and Community Medicine have received a grant from the March of Dimes to support the continuation and expansion of the CenteringPregnancy program. The program focuses on providing education, support, and access to community resources among at-risk pregnant patients on Peoria’s Southside.

As a result of this partnership, expected results include: improved obstetrical outcomes (as measured by rates of pre term birth and low birth weight infants), increased rate of breastfeeding, decreased rates of smoking, improved satisfaction in prenatal care, and decreased rate of unplanned pregnancies.

Three women were engaged in the first session at Heartland Health Services and the group reported having ‘a lot of fun.’ The women enjoyed getting to know one another and having someone to relate to. Physicians involved report being very impressed with the knowledge the women gained about pregnancy, labor and newborn care during the course of the program. Although it’s too early for data findings to be available- parties are optimistic that they will support the desired outcomes.

The program is open to all pregnant women in the Peoria area. To make an appointment or join the next CenteringPregnancy session, call 309.680.7600.

About CenteringPregnancy
CenteringPregnancy brings pregnant women who are due around the same time together for routine prenatal care. Each of the 10 visits is 90 minutes long—giving women ten times as much time with their provider team. During the visit, the women engage in their care by taking their weight and blood pressure, recording their own health data, and having private time with their provider for a belly check. This active participation makes them more aware of their results and what it means to their health and their baby’s health. The remainder of time is a facilitated discussion on health topics related to their pregnancy. The women learn from their provider and also from one another. This group time connects them to each other, creates support and fosters their strengths.

For more information please contact Jamie Messmore, VP of Marketing, at 309.680.7608 or